Submitted by Christine Cwik, RPCV Zimbabwe (1992-1994)
Benefitting Organization: YESSERA
Donation Year: 2011

Thanks to you HoTPCA was able to give $850 to Young Ethiopian Self Sufficiency Enhancing Re–education Association (YESSERA) to support of one student.

YESSERA is committed to empowering youth in Ethiopia to transcend limitations and realize their dreams by acquiring skills, which serve the communities they live in. YESSERA works to achieve its goal of becoming a hub of creativity for Ethiopian development.  It believes that:

  1. The future well-being of a community is the well–being of its youth.
  2. Currently disadvantaged youth can be swiftly helped and re–educated to become helpers and models in return, going well beyond their own self sufficiency.
  3. The steps of such transformation can be duplicated in varied regions, involving different skills.
  4. When networked and introduced to wider circles of regional, national and international supporters, such diversely representative youth can call forth the strength of multiple constitutes to usher in a world of creativity.
  5. Devoted to the sharing of knowledge, and we invite all who are interested to participate in our visionary efforts. Participation by dedicated and generous volunteers and donors will ensure a working future of YESSERA.
YESSARA trainees

YESSARA trainees start a bamboo products business

YESSERA began its efforts in Hawassa, Ethiopia.  The organization now has a proven track record.  It has transformed destitute individuals into successful workers running their own businesses in partnership with the other graduates. All forty students have completed their schooling and are now back in their respective towns employed with their own business.  A 100% success rate.  Because of the success of the Hawassa program, the organization plans to duplicate its work in multiple localities, in all four corners of Ethiopia.

Ten young candidates from at-risk, low-income families (usually with only 1 parent) are now being recruited from Ibinat Addis Zemen (Northen Ethiopia) to attend the one year intensive skills training program at the Opportunities Industrial Ethiopian Center (OICE) in Addis Ababa. These 10 students will be funded through donations made to YESSERA particularly from individuals from the town who have gone on to succeed abroad but still have an interest in seeing their community succeed. This is where HoTPCA comes in. We provided a scholarship for an additional worthy female student to join the other 10 students (5 female and 5 male)!

HoTPCA’s vision is for this young lady to be connected to an outside group and be a role model to the other YESSERA students practicing English and utilizing technology to communicate with HoTPCA members throughout the one-year program then return to Addis Semen enriched by her experiences with HoTPCA and the international perspective we provide.

Ibinat Addis Zemen will benefit when the young lady who receives our scholarship returns to her hometown to start a business that will hire others providing jobs and goods to own community. After graduation, when back in their communities, YESSERA’s commitment to these young entrepreneurs isn’t over. It continues to provide contact with the previous graduates for continued mentorship, small start up monies and supervision to enhance the growth potential of her business.

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