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Apply for a Grant

Grant Guidelines


HoTPCA’s Grants Program aims to support development projects consistent with the Peace Corps spirit and goals.


Grants will be funded from HoTPCA general operating funds, generated through dues, calendar sales, and any ad hoc fundraising activities approved by the Board.

At the Annual Meeting, the Board will submit for approval a proposed annual budget for the following calendar year.  This budget will include a minimum amount to be available for the grants in the following fiscal year.  If funds are available this amount can be exceeded by a vote of the Board.


The Board will establish a Grants Committee to review specific funding requests.  This committee shall consist of three members all of whom are dues-paying, current members of HoTPCA, one of whom is a member of the Board.  The committee will evaluate all funding requests and send the Board a recommendation on each.  If there is more than one funding request the Grants Committee will rank the requests according to their preference.


HoTPCA looks for varied international project opportunities. The person(s) requesting funds must demonstrate their commitment to the project by providing community labor, monetary contributions, local resources and/or training.  Funding will not be provided for individuals, scholarships, travel, or general operating expenses.

HoTPCA gives preference to projects submitted by:

  • Current Peace Corps Volunteers* from the state of Texas
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

*Current Peace Corps Volunteers must have an application submitted to the Peace Corps Partnership Program in order to have received funding from HoTPCA.  If funding is not going through the Peace Corps Partnership Program, HoTPCA requires that the benefiting organization be a registered 501(c)3 or an NGO with a Board of Directors who will administer the funds.

HOTPCA looks for opportunities to:

  • Complete necessary funding so the project can get started
  • Expand or replicate an on-going successful project.


The prospective project will be evaluated for its potential to meet Peace Corps goals by exhibiting as many of the following as possible:

  • Be technically and economically feasible.
  • Improve the general welfare of the community.
  • Ensure that all those actively involved in the project will benefit from the results.
  • Address community needs.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology, skills, and knowledge to others.
  • Foster self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Preference will be given to currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers from the state of Texas or Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.


At the completion of the funded project, grant recipients are required to send HoTPCA a final written report, preferably via e-mail, and including photographs, if available. Interim reports on project progress is encouraged.

After completion of their Peace Corps experience, recipients are encouraged to present their work in person at the HoTPCA Annual Meeting or at a special event.

HoTPCA’s Grants Committee will report at the Annual Meeting on all projects funded during the previous year.  Project information will also be posted on the HoTPCA website and distributed via e-mail to HoTPCA members.


Project funding does not guarantee the availability of future funds.  Changes to the HoTPCA grants program outlined herewith will be submitted to HoTPCA’s Board for approval.


Application Timing

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year on a rolling basis.

Application Review

STEP 1 – Committee Review

HoTPCA’s Grants Committee will review the application(s) on a monthly basis for eligibility, based on the Grants Criteria and Selection Criteria listed above.

The Committee will make a recommendation to the Board and membership.

STEP 2 – Board Review and Approval

  1. Proposed grant is sent out to list serve of all members for three days.
  2. Grants Committee will review feedback and make final decisions.

STEP 3 – Notification

  • Approval – the Committee will notify the applicant and coordinate disbursal of funds with the HoTPCA Treasurer.
  • Rejection –the Committee will notify the applicant and provide advice on changes the applicant could make to meet HoTPCA criteria.  New or revised funding requests from an applicant will be considered.
  • The Committee will inform HoTPCA members, via the website and/or e-mail, of all approved grants.

How to Apply

The Grants Committee may elect to search the Peace Corps Partnership website for any projects that meet HoTPCA Selection Criteria. HoTPCA will request a final report from the Peace Corps Partnership on any project funded through this program.

Requests for grant applications should be sent via e-mail to HoTPCA at with “Grants Application” in the subject line.

Information sent by mail should be addressed to:

Heart of Texas Peace Corps Association
P.O. Box 504
Austin, TX 78767-1645