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Past Grants - Albina 2020


Bajkaj Village School Bathroom Project 


Project Details


Volunteer Coordinator
Colin O'Brien

Benefiting Organization
Bajkaj Village 


Project Description


Donations designated for Bajkaj Village School Bathroom Project will be used to remodel and repair the bathroom facilities at the Bajkaj Village school. The small village of Bajkaj, in southern Albania, is home to 60 children ages K-8. The Bajkaj village school has five rooms that each of the grades share in shifts. The school currently does not have a functioning

Through careful planning and discussion with the school faculty and local government, a project proposal was created to remodel the schools bathroom. The remodel will provide functioning toilets, doors that shut, running water, and will help educate the school and community about hygiene, puberty, and sanitation. These efforts were designed to help make students and staff, especially females, feel more comfortable and safe using the facilities, so that they do not have to leave the school premises and will reduce the number of absences from school.

Colin and his host community in Albania, were awarded a PCPP grant during his service, but upon Colin being evacuated the grant was dissolved.  Colin currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.



Message from the Grantee - 

It is with great joy that Colin and I would like to share that our Albanian health and hygiene projects are fully funded and implementation will start in August!!! We are deeply grateful to family, friends, & RPCV groups who donated to this initiative. Your gifts are making an immediate and tangible impact. Of course none of this could have happened without our Albanian colleagues, Ilda Boci, Gent Troy, Alma Mulla, Dhorothea Llapa, Ben Zani, Suela Haderi, & more, who have worked tirelessly to design, plan, coordinate, & organize these projects. Thank you truly.